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20,000+ Blog Views!

So as I am studying crazily for my Software Engineering midterm I notice I hit 20,000 blog views (well, 19,989 as of writing this). I know that may not seem like much compared to the world’s population, but damn am I excited. It only took 6 months, and I thought it was going to take a year to reach a thousand! So to show my graditude, I drew this for you guys in my Rockstar’d, sleep deprived state that I am in– an artists depiction (and a good one at that) of me giving you all a thumbs up for being so awesome:

Feel free to drop a comment below, telling everyone how awesome you are. I am planning on doing an application from start to App Store soon with storyboarding, just need to see if I am legally permitted to do so.

Always remember to donate if I help you guys out! I appreciate every penny I get, and hopefully I can get a new iPad 2 to replace the one that got stolen.

You guys are great!

iOS Tutorials – Storyboarding tutorials are back!

Hey guys!

So it is about that time, iOS 5 will be dropping today probably within the next 12 hours has dropped. I figured now would be a great time to put back the storyboarding tutorials, so I hope you guys enjoy!

Introduction to Storyboarding
Combining UITabBarControllers, UITableViews and UINavigationControllers

P.S. I am not sure how outdated they are, if they are I apologize just let me know in the comments if something doesn’t work!

iPhone Tutorial Two — Combining UITabBarControllers, UITableViews and UINavigationControllers using Storyboard

Hey guys, so after the last tutorial I figured I would try and help some people with something that has been troublesome to developers in the past — combining tab bars and table views. Again, I am assuming you know the basics of iPhone development and are trying to use Xcode 4.2 to get a jump on the future of iOS development. If people ask for tutorials, I will create some explaining some things here I graze over. Okay so let’s get started.

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