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20,000+ Blog Views!

So as I am studying crazily for my Software Engineering midterm I notice I hit 20,000 blog views (well, 19,989 as of writing this). I know that may not seem like much compared to the world’s population, but damn am I excited. It only took 6 months, and I thought it was going to take a year to reach a thousand! So to show my graditude, I drew this for you guys in my Rockstar’d, sleep deprived state that I am in– an artists depiction (and a good one at that) of me giving you all a thumbs up for being so awesome:

Feel free to drop a comment below, telling everyone how awesome you are. I am planning on doing an application from start to App Store soon with storyboarding, just need to see if I am legally permitted to do so.

Always remember to donate if I help you guys out! I appreciate every penny I get, and hopefully I can get a new iPad 2 to replace the one that got stolen.

You guys are great!

Suggestions For Future Development?

As a Research Assistant for Florida State, I am given the job of coming up with ideas that will not only benefit the students, but everyone else in the world. I have some ideas in mind, however I feel as though I would really appreciate and third party ideas, what do you feel would help a college student survive the best years of their life? Or, what do you think is a good area to research in to help a certain group of people?