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20,000+ Blog Views!

So as I am studying crazily for my Software Engineering midterm I notice I hit 20,000 blog views (well, 19,989 as of writing this). I know that may not seem like much compared to the world’s population, but damn am I excited. It only took 6 months, and I thought it was going to take a year to reach a thousand! So to show my graditude, I drew this for you guys in my Rockstar’d, sleep deprived state that I am in– an artists depiction (and a good one at that) of me giving you all a thumbs up for being so awesome:

Feel free to drop a comment below, telling everyone how awesome you are. I am planning on doing an application from start to App Store soon with storyboarding, just need to see if I am legally permitted to do so.

Always remember to donate if I help you guys out! I appreciate every penny I get, and hopefully I can get a new iPad 2 to replace the one that got stolen.

You guys are great!

Great Open Source Classes to Help Create Stunning iOS Applications

I have decided to start writing small tutorials in this blog in order to help some up and comers get through some difficult concepts that I myself had problems with. I feel as though the first thing I should talk about should be open source classes, as this helps add some great effects to an application. I will say this first and foremost:

If you are going to use any of these within an application and releasing

it, please get permission, as well as giving credit where credit is due. 

Developers of these classes have spent a long time creating these, and nothing is worse than seeing something you created and not getting any credit for it. Hopefully some of these you have not heard of, and I hope people will also comment with other collaborations, and I will update it as so.

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Suggestions For Future Development?

As a Research Assistant for Florida State, I am given the job of coming up with ideas that will not only benefit the students, but everyone else in the world. I have some ideas in mind, however I feel as though I would really appreciate and third party ideas, what do you feel would help a college student survive the best years of their life? Or, what do you think is a good area to research in to help a certain group of people?