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Holy Cow, 30,000!

Hey guys,

So it appears that I have hit 30,000 blog hits! Luckily this time I didn’t realize this while staring at my computer at 4 in the morning studying for a midterm. I appreciate everyone looking at my blog constantly, and I know I have not posted anything in some time, but I will be posting a simple tutorial in an hour or so about using Gesture Recognizers and Storyboard. So stay tuned!


As always, for appreciation of visiting my page, here is a picture of me celebrating, enjoy and happy coding!

Wiki Racing Support Page

Wiki Racing has been released into the App Store!

Wiki Racing is a game which incorporates Wikipedia links to travel from one page to another. The objective of the game is to get from the beginning random page to the end Wikipedia page the fastest. Some key features in Wiki Racing include:

• Being able to choose between a Wikipedia page you decide on as the target, or one randomly chosen.
• Timer and menu screen to show what page you are currently on, what your target is, and how many clicks you have gained.
• End game statistics — how many total clicks, how much time it took to get to the end as well as images of each web page visited in an easy scrolling page history.
• Bluetooth functionality — players can play against one another in both Custom and Random games.

Wiki Racing is released under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share-Alike License ( and is in no way associated with Wikimedia.

Update: Just updated the application to 1.0.1, to fix Wikipedia’s random page link change, just waiting on approval.

Update 2: New 1.0.1 is now on the App Store! I will be slowly working on some new improvements, and may even write a tutorial redoing this application in iOS 5, if anyone wants it!