My Poor iPad 2..

So this weekend my apartment was broken into, and my iPad 2 along with Macbook Pro charger and iPod Touch were stolen, along with my car keys and wallet. Luckily my car is still here. I really hope we find them, however I really don’t think this will happen.

If you own an iDevice, turn on Find My Phone, a feature in iOS4+ within the settings. Don’t be like me

I really just wish I was smart enough to put a lock on my iPad or iPod Touch, however I’m one of those people that never loses anything, so why would I need to lock it?

If anyone would like to contribute to help raise funds to buy a new iPad and/or iPod Touch, I would greatly appreciate it, however positive comments will do as well.

    • pikachuexe
    • October 12th, 2011

    I never lose anything too expect the first year in secondary school
    But I haven’t started using wallet yet at that time lol

    Great to know there is a feature in iOS4. I thought it cannot be used on 3GS! (Well I misread the instructions, failed)

    There are also a few cases about robbing iPhone, has to be careful…(No stealing reported though)

    • pikachuexe
    • October 12th, 2011

    When I look @ the list of topics in subscription there is an entry called
    iOS Tutorials – Storyboarding tutorials are back!
    But I cannot find it here?

    • I posted and pulled until iOS 5 SDK is released, which should be later today so stay tuned!

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