— iPhone Tutorial Update —

So as I had mention before, I was going to write some tutorials to help people with some problems I have run into. However, along with the release of iOS 5, which I may review if people want me to, they release the new Xcode 4.2 which heavily changes how things are done. Many function calls are deprecated, you no longer need to retain objects, because the compiler does it for you. An excerpt from the iOS 5 development release notes says this about it:

Automatic Reference Counting (ARC) is a compiler-level feature that simplifies the process of managing the lifetimes of Objective-C objects. Instead of you having to remember when to retain or release an object, ARC evaluates the lifetime requirements of your objects and automatically inserts the appropriate method calls at compile time.

They also introduced something called Storyboard which I am really excited about. Storyboard takes out all nib files, and incorporates them all into one file, along with an arrow pointing to how the application is directed. This image from the release notes helps explain what I mean.

Apple’s documentation about Storyboards is as follows:

Storyboards are the new way to define your application’s user interface. In the past, you used nib files to define your user interface one view controller at a time. A storyboard file captures your entire user interface in one place and lets you define both the individual view controllers and the transitions between those view controllers. As a result, storyboards capture the flow of your overall user interface in addition to the content you present.

I will be writing new tutorials for this storyboard type of application development as I learn how to create apps with it, it should be a journey for everyone so stay tuned!

  1. I am eagerly awaiting your write up for the new Xcode 4.2. Thanks for that and keep it up! 🙂

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